Family and Gender: Homogeneity and New Differentiations, 1997

Family and gender: Homogeneity and new differentiation, Fifth Cisf report, 1997The fifth Report explores the identity of gender (male and female) in Italy today, examining the individual and family course of life. It illustrates how the "family" is still the place in which similarities and dissimilarities between genders are most profoundly witnessed. The analysis is conducted from a sociological, psychological, and cultural point of view searching for those phenomena that can reveal a new consciousness and a new experience of "making a family" as a sexual relationship that has to realize full reciprocity between the genders.
Certainly, men and women have equal human, moral and legal dignity in the family and in society. However, at what point this equity create an identity based on the pure and simple conversion of masculine and feminine roles, rather than on the management of differences that exist in the common human gender? The Fifth Report explores these alternatives, offering cultural orientations and social policies for the future.

Family and gender: homogeneity and new differentiations
Pierpaolo Donati

The family as a gender relationship: morphogenesis and new strategies
Pierpaolo Donati

Demographic events and differences between genders along the family life cycle

Gian Carlo Blangiardo

Male and female identities in Italy’s family transformation process
Carla Collicelli

Man and woman facing separation and divorce: psychological and social aspects

Eugenia Scabini, Raffaella Iafrate

The differences between genders in regard to children and youth

Gabriella Calvi Parisetti and Mario Lucchini

Psychopathological dynamics of family relationships and gender
Gaspare Vella, Camillo Loriedo, Danilo Solfaroli Camillocci

The masculine and feminine genders in the Papal teachings on the family and pastoral practice

Gianfranco Fregni

Giving a gender perspective to family, identities, relationships
Pierpaolo Donati


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