Twelfth Report

The couple relation today. A challenge for the family

The issue of this Report is ” Being a couple in Italy today”.

The theme is analysed  from a demographic, sociological, psychosocial, psychodynamic and juridical  point of view.

The Report also contains details of a Cisf research based on a representative sample of Italian couples.

The aim is to find out how couples live their intimate relationships and their interchange with the external world, what makes them satisfied with their relation and what are motives for not being satisfied.

Moreover the Report aims to put its research in relation with being a family and having children. 

Highlighting the reasons that make happy or problematic couples‘dayly life, factors emerge creating conflict, and it becomes understandable why  the difficulties to establish significant and long lasting relations are increasing.

The findings suggest how young and less young couples can be helped to live a relationship which is a resource not only for their personal growth but also for the creation of common good.

The Report faces the subject with a humanizing vision of couple relations, in order not to reduce them to merely utilitarian and emotional self satisfaction.



Self, couple or family? Personal identity and sense of “we” / Pierpaolo Donati

The couple relation: looking for a “we” maintaining a self /Pierpaolo Donati

Images and ways of “being couple “in Italy /Gian Carlo Blangiardo, Stefania Rimordi

Family and couple life of the Italians: the Cisf research /Francesco Belletti, Raffaella Iafrate, Pierpaolo Donati

Taking care of the couple: support experiences / Donatella Bramanti, Marina Mombelli

Psychopathology in couple relations in contemporary Italy / Maurizio Andolfi, Anna Mascellani

The couple and the law: instrument of individualization and privatisation? / Andrea Bettetini

Conclusion:  Is the couple “blowing up” or is redefining itself?

How the relational reflexivity of a couple can make the difference between “aggregative” and “genarative” couples. / Pierpaolo Donati

Appendix 1: Methodological  aspects of the Cisf research / (Luigi Tronca)

Appendix 2: Statistics


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