CISF International connections. 68th ICCFR International Conferences (International Commission on Couple and family Relations)


A seminar of the ICCFR (, an international network of professionals and experts on family issues, was held on 08th October in Newport (Wales), which was also attended by the Cisf (in the person of the Director, Francesco Belletti). The primary objective of the meeting was the planning of the 68th ICCFR International Conference, which will be held in Newport from 12th to 14th May 2023

The meeting took place at the headquarters of  Care for Family, an important charity that operates in the whole United Kingdom to support families and that is actively cooperating for the planning of the 2023 Conference, also making its conference spaces available (in Newport). The theme proposed for the 2023 meetings is “The family offers a lifetime foundation to build resilience and elasticity”.

The Conference program (which will take place in English) includes interventions in plenary, thematic workshops and above all the presence of "discussion groups", an innovative element specific to ICCFR events, in which participants will meet in three distinct sessions in small groups to compare their experiences and freely discuss the themes and challenges proposed in the reports and workshops. The groups will keep the same composition, in order to favor a progressive knowledge among the members and a more in-depth dialogue.

On the ICCFR website a provisional list of issues is offered, on which it is possible to request the presentation of workshops (90-minute sessions in which research contents or innovative themes can be showed and discussed in a small group), Two specific sessions will be dedicated to the workshops.


WEBINAR17th November 2022. In preparation for the 2023 Conference, ICCFR organized a thematic webinar on 17th November 2022 (04.00 – 05.00 pm – Rome/Central Europe time) on “Poland in solidarity with Ukrainian refugees. How Poland is helping the 5.7 million who have crossed the border since the start of the war “. Main speaker: Dr. Joanna Kosińska-Wiercińska, Polish attorney, associate of the International Academy of Family Lawyers (IAFL), specialized in divorce, separation, custody and domestic violence.

[here for further information and registration]

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