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Comparazione. I temi aggiornati ad agosto 2013


In view of the strong demand for cross-national indicators on the situation of families and children, the OECD Family database was developed to provide cross-national indicators on family outcomes and family policies across the OECD countries, its enhanced engagement partners and EU member states.
The database brings together information from various national and international databases, both within the OECD (see related OECD databases) and external organisations.
The database includes 67 indicators under four main dimensions: (i) structure of families, (ii) labour market position of families, (iii) public policies for families and children and (iv) child outcomes.
Each indicator typically presents the data on a particular issue as well as relevant definitions and methodology, comparability and data issues, information on sources and, where relevant, include the raw data or descriptive information across countries.

The following indicators have been updated and now include time-series information:

                • SF2.1: Fertility trends

                • LMF1.4 Employment profiles over the life-course

                • LMF1.5 Gender pay gaps for full-time workers and earnings by educational

                • LMF1.6 Gender differences in employment outcomes

                • PF1.6 Public spending by age of children

                • PF3.1 Public spending on childcare and early education

                • PF3.2 Enrolment in childcare and pre-schools

                • PF3.4 Childcare support

22 further indicators will be updated by the end of this year.


The OECD Family database now includes 67 indicators, and 3 further new indicators will be added taking the number to 70 indicators by the end of 2013.

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